Renovation Considerations When Replacing Your Home's Roof

5 May 2015
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Home roof replacement is inevitable and necessary, so why not make some valuable upgrades to your home's roof while you are replacing it? By choosing upgrades with your roof renovation, you will add value to your home. Here are two ideas for renovation projects you can add into your roof replacement project.

Add Skylights to Your Roof

When your old roof has been stripped from the roof decking, it is a good time to make an upgrade to your home and roof by adding a skylight to almost any room in your home. This will add a view of the blue sky and can let some extra light into the room. 

A skylight is great to also add ventilation into your home. During warmer months, your skylight can help keep your home cool by venting the hot air that accumulates at the ceiling through an outward opening at the bottom of the skylight.

You will need to consider solar heat gain through a skylight in your southern or western-facing roof. Position your skylight on an area of your roof that is shaded by nearby trees during a majority of the day. In the summer when the trees have leaves, they will block sunlight and prevent extra heat from entering your home through the skylight. In the winter, the trees won't have leaves, thereby allowing sunlight to heat your home through the skylight.

The angle at which you install your skylight can also help you avoid solar heat gain during the summer and get the most solar heat gain during the winter. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, to prevent summer solar heat gain and benefit from winter solar heat gain, you should position your skylight with a slope equal to your geographical latitude plus 5 to 15 degrees. So, when you have your skylight installed, check your geographical latitude and make sure it is installed according to this recommendation.

Remove All Old Roofing and Replace with Longer-Lasting Roofing Materials

You will know when your roof is reaching the end of its life when the edges on some of its shingles begin to curl up. Putting in a little extra investment to this renovation can save you money in the long run and make your roof look better. 

When it is time to replace your old roof with new shingles, you may encounter several layers of shingles installed on top of one another. Many roofing companies will apply the new layer of shingles over the old to save time. You might be told it is safe to have several layers of shingles on your roof. But, with the added weight of all the shingles, your roof structure will be under more added strain that can cause the roof decking to sag over time. A one hundred square foot section of single layer composite shingles can weigh 350 to 450 pounds

Placing new shingles over the old ones will create a bumpy and uneven surface that won't be as durable and long-lasting. When you replace your shingles, you should have the old layers of shingles torn off and have the tar paper replaced to avoid any potential water leaks and have a roof that lasts as long as possible. Once you have the old shingles and tar paper removed, you can install your long-lasting roof. 

There are several roofing materials that last several decades, including clay and metal. A galvanized steel roof is made of a rust-resistant material that will last 60 years or more on your roof. Tin roofs can last as long as 50 years. Clay roofing tiles can last for 75 years or more, are more durable and they won't burn, corrode, or rot. Although the cost for a metal or clay roof will be a little higher, you will see a savings over the decades when you don't have to replace your roof. For more information about roofing options, check out sites like John Criner Roofing Inc.

These two roof renovation projects can add value to your home.