5 Reasons To Choose Architectural Shingles For Your Home

2 June 2015
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Getting a roofing replacement for your home is not limited to the same roof design you had before. While shopping for residential roofing, there are a number of different options. If you're sticking with shingles as the base material, then architectural shingles are an ideal option. These are an upgraded form of the traditional roofing shingles and there are multiple benefits to choosing them for a new roof.

Browse through the following five reasons to see how architectural shingles can improve your home.

High Quality Materials

One of the biggest differences between standard shingles and architectural ones are the materials used in the shingle. A number of high quality materials are used in architectural shingles and placed on top of water resistant asphalt.

  • Fiber Glass Base: Weight and durability is added to the shingles with a strong fiber glass base. You can choose from different thickness of the fiberglass depending on your budget.
  • Ceramic-Coated Minerals: A glossy look and strength is added to the shingles with ceramic-coated minerals. These minerals add the color to the shingles and are the most visible part of your new roof.
  • Synthetic Slate: This type of produced slate is often used in architectural shingles to replicate the unique look of a slate home. The slate is placed on the top of the shingle as an alternative to the ceramic-coated minerals.

Extended Warranty

The high quality of materials and installation of the architectural shingles means that you will have an extended warranty for the products installed on your roof. This warranty can be months or years longer than traditional shingles.

Warranty coverage for this type of shingle often involves failure to protect the home from water and moisture. The warranty also covers defective shingles that break, slide off the roof, or deteriorate. Parts and labor are often covered through these scenarios.

Standard Roofing Support

The architectural shingle roof looks advanced, but it requires no extra support or installations on your home. As long as the boards under your roof are in good condition, everything can be installed directly over it.

This type of process is vastly different from other premium roofing installations like slate roofs. These roofs often require extra support boards and materials that expand the cost and construction time.

Roof Edges & Ridges

The roof of your home can really stand out with the way that architectural shingles are installed on roof edges and ridges. Special segments are placed over these areas to add depth, contrast, and a great look on your home. This is especially ideal if your roof has a lot of different angles. For example, on a gabled roof, there is a triangular section that sticks out from the traditional roof pitch. Each angle of this triangular section will have special edge pieces installed to match the roof and make the design stand out.

Not only do these areas add to the look, but they also help with water runoff and roof protection. The pieces are especially made for this purpose and will help prevent standing water on vulnerable areas of the roof.

Curb Appeal

After the roof is installed, it will often add to the curb appeal of your home. When compared to traditional shingles, it displays and eye-catching roof that can be seen from far distances. The roof adds a lot of dimension to the home and is ideal for taking pictures. The random mix of colors are create different looks whether it's sunny or cloudy out.

When adding to the curb appeal, this type of roof can also help increase the value of your home. This is important if you are refinancing or selling your home in the near future.

Work with a roofing company, like All American Roofing Incorporated, to get a full estimate on an architectural styled roof for your home. There are many different options to choose from.