Tips on Installing Solar Panels Without Damaging Your Roof

24 July 2015
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When it comes to alternative energy solutions, solar energy is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. It's relatively inexpensive, with it paying for itself over the course of upwards of less than ten years, and it's incredibly efficient, with it being able to generate as much energy as that of what a power company can generate for you.

There are a few things of note that you should take into consideration before jumping the gun and installing solar panels, however. One of those things is installing solar panels on your roof without damaging your roof. This article will serve to inform you of a few things you should know about before the installation process.

Choosing the Right Installer

The best bet for the proper installation of solar panels on your roof is to have an outside source, preferably a well-known company, install the solar panels for you. However, there are a few things of note that you should take into consideration.

Just because a company advertises that they will install your solar panels for you and they make the claim that they will install said panels onto the roof, that does not mean that they are able to adeptly install solar panels onto your roof. In addition to experience with solar panels, someone who claims that they know how to install the panels onto your roof should have some degree of roofing experience, as well.

Ask the installer about other rooftop experiences they have had and ask if they can give you the names of individuals who can recommend them; if they balk at this idea, you might want to take your business elsewhere.

Ask roofing system providers about the integrity of the solar panel installers in question. If they have done a poor job somewhere, they will be sure to know about it. Make sure that this isn't the company's first roof job unless that the foreman or proprietor has had prior roofing experience in the past and willing to discuss the matter with you. All in all, a good solar panel installer who makes the claim that he or she is able to install such a system on your roof must also be a good roofer, as well.

Proper Planning

Make sure that the solar panel installer has properly inspected your roof and make a plan about how to go about installing the solar panels. They should also be willing to share such information with you as well.

The installer should be familiar with how roofs are designed as well. He or she should be able to take a look at the angle of the slope of your roof as well as the placement of any drains or scuppers and be able to tell you where he or she will install the solar panels with regards to maximizing the amount of energy that your panels will be able to receive.

He or she will know what sort of logistics will go into the installation of the solar panels themselves when they are installed onto the roof. For example, high-density cover boards should be used on all solar panels when they are properly affixed to your roof. Membrane systems should be fully attached and not mechanically adhered. The higher performance the membrane the higher performance of your roof affixed solar panels.

When it comes down to it, a good solar panel installer is a good roofer. The best way to go about attaching solar panels to your roof is through hiring a trained professional. However, make sure that the trained professional knows exactly what he or she is talking about. As you have seen, just because a professional is good with solar panels does not necessarily mean that he or she is good with roofs.