Dealing With A Small Roof Leak? Your Contractor May Be Able To Fix The Issue Inexpensively

28 March 2017
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Realizing that your roof is leaking is a grave concern when you own a home. While this issue is serious, it doesn't necessarily mean that your entire roof will need to be replaced. If the overall roof is in good condition, but there's just one problem area — perhaps a few shingles blew off during a storm — you can hire a roofing company that can fix the issue inexpensively. You'll want to hire this professional as quickly as possible, as doing so will minimize the magnitude of the problem and perhaps even prevent you from needing a larger repair. Here's what the roofer will do.

Fix The Affected Sheathing

If the plywood sheathing in the problem area is damaged — which is likely — the roofing contractor will cut away the damaged wood and replace it. To complete this job correctly, the contractor will cut a piece of plywood to the correct size and nail or screw it in the hole left by removing the bad piece. If there is no roof truss directly in the problem area, the roofer may need to support the area with joists so that the replacement sheathing will be able to hold onto something solid.

Replace The Shingles

Your roofing contractor will identify the number of shingles that are missing and then fit new shingles in to replace them. Shingles are available in many different colors, but you can have confidence that your roofer will find the right shingles to suit the rest of your roof. When the new shingles have been nailed in place, you won't be able to tell that there was an issue when you stand in your yard and look at the affected area of the roof.

Deal With Wetness In The Attic

Unfortunately, a leaky roof causes problems in your attic — and, in severe cases, may also cause water damage on the upper floor of your home. These issues won't be overlooked by your roofing contractor. He or she will replace any attic insulation that was damaged by the leak as well as ensure that the drywall ceiling of the top floor of your home doesn't have water damage. Mold can develop in the attic due to prolonged periods of dampness. If the roofing contractor detects a mold issue, he or she will use cleaning chemicals to clean the area so that the mold cannot harm the air quality in your home.

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