Why Commercial Vacation Homes Need Roof Inspection

31 March 2017
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Commercial vacation homes allow people to relax in a home-away-from-home. Owners of these parks need to ensure that the roofs of their buildings are in great shape. Unfortunately, the storm season can seriously impact the integrity of these roofs. Thankfully, inspections can ensure that this damage doesn't get too serious.

Storms Are Tough On Roofs

During a serious rain or snow storm, there is a good chance that the shingles on a roof can get damaged. All of that heavy wind and precipitation falling against it will cause shingles to lift up. When they lift up, those weathering elements can wear away at the singles and damage the items holding them to the roof. Even worse, it can cause some shingles to blow away.

But a few shingles blowing off a roof isn't too serious of a problem, is it? Unfortunately, that's simply not the case. Even one or two shingles coming off a roof can lead to serious damage. This is especially true during the busy storm season during which a home is simply left for extended periods of time.

Minor Damage Can Cause Serious Problems

The problem with minor damage to shingles is that it can cascade and grow over a period of time. This problem is especially noticeable in vacation homes that may be left vacant during much of the year. Minor damage left unchecked can lead to leaks and other damage that can affect the structural integrity of the whole roof and threaten imminent collapse.

Just how expensive can this be for the homeowner? Well, roof replacement is an expensive proposition even at its cheapest. Home Advisor.com reports that the lowest price in the nation for replacing a roof is $1,600, the average about $7,000, and the most expensive $30,000. Calling a roof inspector before and after the storm season can help homeowners keep their vacation house roof in good shape.

Roofing Inspections Are Not Expensive

Roof inspections are not a seriously expensive investment for anyone who owns a vacation home area. For example, the average cost of roof inspections is typically no higher than $200. Some inspectors will actually do it for free. This is a major benefit for commercial vacation homeowners, as it helps keep the cost of their investment down.

It also makes it easier for them to spot problems in their many vacation homes and to make them more appealing to their customers. Instead of spending $7,000 per roof to repair their seriously impacted vacation home choices, they can pay no more than $200 per home and potentially get free shingle replacement.

All of these benefits make it clear that those who own a vacation area need to get their houses inspected regularly. In this way, they can keep their place looking great and inspire more people to visit. Contact a company like Specialty Commercial Contractors LLC if you have questions about the condition of any roofing.