Roof Maintenance That Any Homeowner Can Do

14 April 2017
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Part of being a homeowner is performing routine maintenance to keep certain aspects of your home in great shape. This is especially true when it comes to a roof, which is an often ignored part of a home because it is out of sight and out of mind. However, ignoring your roof can lead to damage that will cost you more to repair the longer it goes without being fixed. Here are some tips for roof maintenance that any homeowner can do.

Set An Inspection Schedule

You'll want to check your roof for damage at least twice a year to ensure that there is not any damage. One time to do this is the in the beginning of spring after the winter weather has gone away, since you can see whether damage was caused due to cold temperatures that caused freezing and thawing throughout the winter months. The other time will be in the fall before the winter starts, to make sure that you don't have any damage that will be hard to repair once it starts snowing.

Check Your Gutters

It's also important to clean out your home's gutters as part of annual roof maintenance. You should do this each fall after all of the leaves have fallen off the tree. This will prevent the gutters from being full of leaves, causing problems with snow trying to melt and drain into the gutters. Ignoring your gutters can lead to water getting underneath the bottom row of shingles, and ice dams can actually cause this row to become dislodged and allow water to get to the roof deck.

Look For Potential Damage

Take a ladder to climb up to the top of your home and get a close look at the shingles. Are there any that are missing, curling, or damaged beyond repair? If so, you'll need to have these shingles replaced. You should also look at the flashing for parts that are damaged and allowing water to get underneath the shingles. Loose flashing can be secured back in place using caulk

Keep The Roof Clean

You should also be clearing off any debris that is stuck on your roof, such as tree branches. If they are left on the roof, it can cause pooling water and weaken the surrounding shingles. Don't assume nature will take course and blow the debris off your roof, since you may have to do it yourself.

For help doing any of these things that you don't feel confident doing on your own, contact a roofing company like Roof-Rite Roofing, Inc for assistance.