High-Paying, Low-Skilled Jobs: When You Do Not Need A High School Diploma

17 September 2017
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Roofers in many areas make a very reasonable living wage. In fact, it is on par with many studies that suggest that a living wage is around twelve dollars an hour, on average. In some states, it may be as high as eighteen dollars an hour. Most roofers make about fifteen to seventeen dollars an hour, even though most of them do not have a high school diploma or G.E.D. Here are some other jobs that do not require a high school diploma or equivalent:

Road Construction

Any experience with laying concrete is enough to get a job in road construction. The hours are long and usually hot and uncomfortable. However, for someone that has not obtained a college degree, the pay is very agreeable if you can withstand the heat and the intensity of the labor.

Auto Mechanic's Assistant

Most auto mechanic assistants know something about cars, and they learn a lot more working in a garage under the tutelage of the shop owner or a master mechanic. Assistants can make anywhere from ten dollars an hour to fifteen dollars an hour. After enough experience is acquired, you can make even more as you begin repairing cars by yourself.

Bike Couriers or Messengers

Have a bike and ride a lot? Good, because that is all you need for this job. You are expected to carry and transport small packages and messages all over town on your bike. Not only do you make really good money doing this job, but you will also end up in the best shape of your life.

Most messages and packages have to be delivered by a specific time, which means you may have to pedal for dear life to get from the office to the delivery destination. It is the best of two worlds; excellent physical health and a fantastic salary that also allows you to collect tips from the receivers of the messages and packages.

Dog Walkers

If you do not mind scooping up and disposing of doggy doo, you can be a professional dog walker. These folks earn up to $20 an hour per dog walked. If you walk five dogs three times a day you could be earning up to $300/day, or $9,000 a month! That is even more than what roofers and auto mechanic assistants make in a year in their best years, and all without a high school diploma.

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