Insight To Help You Take Care Of And Repair Your Business' Flat Roof

26 October 2017
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When you are a business owner or own a business building, you will need to make sure its roof is inspected, maintained, and repaired, as necessary. Here are some tips to help you know what to look for when maintaining the commercial roof's surface and any damage that needs to be repaired to prevent the interior of your building being subjected to moisture problems and damage.

Clear Debris

When you have a flat roof on your business' building, maintaining it to keep it free of damage is an big part of keeping it free of water leaks. When dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris collects on your flat roof, it can block and clog the drains and scuppers on your roof. These components of your roof keep your it free of standing water to prevent water damage and interior leaks, and when they are clogged your rooftop cannot drain properly.

It is necessary to clean your roof throughout the year to pick off large branches that may have blown from nearby trees, and any tree branches overhanging the roof need to be removed. You should also sweep off leaves and other small debris with a broom or use a leaf blower to clear them from the roof. Clean out the drains and scuppers to remove buildup around them. As you complete these tasks take care you don't cause damage to the surface of your roof.

Inspect for Damage

While you are upon your roof you can check for any damage to your roof's surface. Damage can occur in the form of cracks and holes in the roofing material. Also look for blistering, which can appear as a bubble on the surface of the roof's layers.

Damage can also show up in the form of water pooling on the surface of your roof from a low area, and will appear as water rings on the roof's surface from when the water evaporated in the sun. The surface of your roof needs to completely flat to prevent this from happening. You may also need to increase drainage to prevent water ponding. Talk to a roofing professional about having this completed.

Complete Repairs

If you discover any damage on your roof, such as cracks, holes, or blisters, you can hire a professional roofing repair to patch and recover the roofing materials. You can also complete your own repairs or a temporary patch repair until you can have more permanent repairs completed.

Be sure to clean the damaged area thoroughly to remove dirt and dust, then apply a layer of roofing cement and a patch of roofing membrane to cover the hole or crack. To repair a blister you will nee to cut an "X" into the roofing and dry out the interior of the blister, followed by filling it with a layer of roofing cement. Press the blister closed, then cover it with another layer of roofing cement and a roofing membrane repair patch.