Tips To Avoid Needing Roof Repairs

18 November 2017
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Preventing your roof from encountering serious problems will be a task that must require you to be constantly vigilant and well-informed. Despite being well-meaning, there are homeowners that will frequently make the mistake of failing to appreciate some of the more likely sources of damage the roof will encounter along with the preventative actions that may be taken.

Keep Squirrels And Birds From Nesting On The Roof

Animal activity can rapidly cause your roof to experience serious damages. This is due to the tendency of squirrels and birds to use the roofing materials to build a nest. This can compromise the protection of the roof by causing small holes in the roof. Furthermore, the next may trap moisture against the roof, and this may be another serious source of damage. By acting to remove any bird or squirrel nests from the roof, you can greatly reduce the risk of this damage occurring, but you will need to regularly apply repellents if you are to prevent these animals from nesting in the first place.

Take Steps For Minimizing The Moisture Damage The Roof Will Suffer

Moisture is a leading cause of wear and tear for roofs. Over time, moisture will be able to seep into the components of the roof, and this can have the effect of rotting the wooden components or contributing to other problems such as mold and mildew. While homeowners often assume that their roofs are designed to withstand the effects of moisture, they may overlook the fact that there are ways that they can further enhance the durability of the roof. For example, there are waterproof coatings that can be applied to the roof, moisture barriers can be installed beneath the roof and improved ventilation can help to allow any moisture that seeps through to evaporate as quickly as possible.

Know The Dangers Of Snow And Ice Gathering On The Roof

Heavy accumulations of snow and ice can be another serious problem for your roof to encounter. When these accumulations are allowed to form, they can be rather damaging due to the intense weight that they will add to the roof. While homeowners frequently fall for the assumption that they will be unable to address these issues, there are roof thawing systems that are designed to rapidly and effective melt these accumulations. For homeowners that have not installed these systems, it will be necessary to utilize a roof rake to remove the snow and ice accumulations manually. When performing this maintained, make sure that you stand to the side to avoid being hit with falling snow or ice.

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