2 Reasons To Consider Copper Roofing

28 November 2017
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Copper roofing is typically a good option to consider if you want a very strong roof that may also be able to help you out a bit when it comes to conserving energy. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to consider copper roofing: 

It Can Help You Save Money On Cooling Costs

The primary reason to consider copper roofing for your home is that it can help you save money on your cooling costs, which is extremely beneficial if you live in an area that is extremely hot or if you simply like to keep your house a bit cooler throughout the year. Now, copper roofing can help you save this money because of the way that it reflects sunlight during the day. Since the copper roof does not actually absorb the sunlight, it will not heat up as much, and this heat will not end up slowly radiating down through your roofing tiles, attic, insulation, and heat up the entire interior of your house.

As a result, not only are you able to use your air conditioner less and reduce wear and tear on that unit but you will also be able to lower your utility bill. Additionally, this is also beneficial to the environment as you won't be wasting any unnecessary energy keeping your home cool.

It Can Stand Up To The Most Common Forms Of Roof Damage

Additionally, copper roofing is a good option because it can stand up to the most common forms of roof damage. For example, one of the biggest causes of roof damage is water damage, but this doesn't really affect a copper roof all that much as overtime copper roofs tend to develop a patina that actually helps them resist corrosion. Also, another common form of roof damage is termite damage, which also isn't an issue for a copper roof because termites can't feed or do any type of damage to a copper roof due to the hardness of the material and the fact that termites can't feed on the copper.

Speak with a local roofing contractor today to discuss if copper roofing is the right choice for your home and if it will fit within your budget. You should really consider copper roofing because it can help you save money on cooling costs and because it can stand up to the most common forms of roof damage.