Three Options For Removing Ice From Your Gutters

11 December 2017
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Residential gutter services see a lot of requests this time of year for the removal of ice from gutters. It is important to keep ice out of your gutters so that you do not end up with ice dams. Roofers who provide these services offer you three options for gutter ice removal.

Rock Salt

If you do not have too much ice in the gutters yet, you can line the gutters with rock salt. When the snow comes and ice tries to build, the rock salt will melt it right away and prevent layers of ice to build. If you already have a medium-thick layer of ice in the gutters, you can still sprinkle rock salt in the gutters over the top of the ice. As long as the temperatures are at or above freezing, the rock salt will still melt the ice.

Gutter Heater Coils

You would have to buy the gutter heater coils, but the roofer can help you install them. These hot metal coils are placed in the gutters and plugged into the nearest outdoor outlet. They heat the gutters all winter, and will not cause a fire because they cannot heat above a certain temperature. Additionally, snow cannot build up in the gutters either.

Gutter Covers

It is not too late to install gutter covers on your gutters. These devices close off your gutters such that ice cannot form in the gutters at all. However, you may still have to contend with snow and ice build-up above the gutters on your roof. You could use one of the above methods in conjunction with gutter covers, and then you would not have to worry about the gutters or the roof this winter.

Discuss the Problem with a Roofer That Provides These Services

Most roofers will do seasonal work on gutters as a means of maintaining the operational costs of their businesses. As such, you should have no problem finding and hiring a roofer that provides the above residential gutter services in winter. Be sure to discuss with him or her these options, and any other options he or she might recommend. Then purchase the service or services that you think would work best.

In the event that you opt to install gutter cables in the gutters or on your roof, the roofer will have to return in spring and help you remove the cables. You will not need them the rest of the year. Next winter, the roofer will have to reinstall them.