Hiring A Professional Gutter Service Can Save Money By Preventing Water Damage To Your Home

29 January 2018
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Cleaning the gutters is a chore you may hate. If you have several trees near your home, you might have to do it as often as twice a year, or even more. If you put off the chore or if you don't feel safe working from a ladder, then you should hire a professional gutter service to maintain your gutters. Here's how they can help and why you should hire help, rather than neglect your gutters.

Remove Decayed Leaves

Getting leaves out of the gutters is the biggest chore. This can be physically demanding work, since you'll have to climb up and down a ladder several times. Plus, if you have allergies, breathing in the damp leaves might cause your symptoms to flare. If you neglect cleaning leaves out of the troughs, then several problems could occur. Seeds might start to grow in the decaying matter.

You could actually have small trees or weeds growing in the troughs that cause damage. Leaves also cause dams that push water under the roof. The dam also causes water to spill over the sides of the trough. These problems can cause roof and foundation damage that is expensive to repair. Avoid all that by letting a professional tend to the cleaning of your gutters. You'll even get advice on how often the job needs to be done, taking into account the number and type of trees on your property.

Check For Proper Function

Gutters can be knocked out of alignment. It might happen if a heavy tree limb brushes against a trough or if high winds from a storm move the gutters. Even a large animal, such as a raccoon, might damage the gutters by walking or nesting in the troughs. When the angle of the gutters is out of adjustment, water won't drain toward the spout. Instead, it will collect in the middle of the trough. This is one problem a contractor looks for and repairs with a service call. Another important function of gutters concerns the downspout. It should be positioned so water doesn't exit near your house. This can be checked while rinsing the gutters, when cleaning them.

Hiring a professional to clean your gutters ensures your home will be protected from unnecessary water damage. Proper gutter maintenance can prevent costly damage to your basement, foundation, roof, and landscaping. This makes it cost-effective to pay for gutter maintenance when you're too busy or otherwise unable to do it yourself.

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