Metal And Wood Roofing Differences

17 March 2018
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Upgrading your roof is a smart investment, but you need to make sure you choose a material that is practical for your home style and climate. Most homeowners prefer a product that is going to not only be energy efficient, but is also be easy to take care of. This article compares two the most popular, but very different, materials

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have an industrial look, but they can also look great on residential properties if they fit with your home style. That is, they can look very great with modern construction. The best thing about metal roofs is that they are very cheap to install. They come in large sheets, meaning the installation process is simple. On top of this, the actual square footage cost of metals like aluminum is minimal. Most metal roofs are lightweight aluminum or composites, meaning they can be installed on just about any type of roof deck.

Metal roofs usually have some sort of molding, texture, or design that makes them more functional and stylish. Usually, vertical channels can help direct water off the roof, but also add a nice design to the metal. You can find metal in just about any color imaginable. On top of this, it is easy to paint metal. So, if you want a custom color, metal could be a great choice. After you install it, you can easily paint it yourself using a spray gun.

Wood Shingles

If you want something more traditional you should consider wooden shingles. Wood shingles have long been used in roofing because it is a material that is available all over the world. It is also very affordable and easy to work with. A wood shingle roof won't last nearly as long as a metal roof. It is going to be more susceptible to water damage. There is a better chance that you will need to make some random repairs to a wood roof over the years.

These two materials obviously a very different looks and maintenance needs. You need to decide on your style and think about the longterm maintenance that you are willing to put up with. A wood shingle roof might only last 30 years, and it will probably need some TLC during that time. A metal roof can last a century without any sort of care. It is easy to see why many homeowners choose both of these materials are so well liked.