Composite Wood Shakes

6 April 2018
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As far as most homeowners are concerned, redoing their roof is a top priority. That is, many people who own their property would love to have a budget that enables them to install a brand new roofing material. There are so many great benefits to having a new roof that it is often worth such a big financial investment. For instance, updating your roofing material gives you the chance to modernize your style, improve the installation of your roof, repair structural issues within the roof deck, and it can certainly increase the value of your home. This article explains why homeowners should consider composite wood shake roofs.

Composite Products are More Advanced Than Ever

When it comes to roofing materials, many people think that you need to decide between composite and natural products. In the past, composite products looked fake and cheap. However, thanks to advancements in printing technologies, a modern composite roof can actually look very stylish and authentic. This is definitely the case with composite wood shakes. The fake wood grain textures and shapes of the shakes are more realistic and convincing than they have ever been. If you look at the product up close, you can see the detailed wood grain prints, along with textures to match.

When you are holding the product in your hand, you might even be fooled, and ask yourself is if it is actually made out of real wood. Of course, when the shakes are actually installed on your roof, you (and anyone else looking at your home) are going to have an even harder time telling the difference. In the past, composite wood shakes kind of just looked like plastic with a fake wood print. Now, they look very much like real lumber.

The Beauty of Owning Composite Products

There are obviously many advantages when it comes to owning a composite product compared to a raw, natural wood shake. Modern wood shakes are obviously tempered and sealed, but they are still going to be subject to moisture and termite damage. The waterproof, impact-resistant surface on composite shakes is permanent and requires zero maintenance. You won't need to spend time and money refinishing a composite wood shake.

Over time, this can save you a significant amount of money. So, even if your main concern is investing in a stylish roofing material, you should not overlook modern composite shakes if you are going to replace your roof. Talk to a roofing company like Right Way Roofing, Inc to learn more.