The Big Home Roofing Debate: Repair Or Replace?

12 December 2018
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When your have a roof that is getting to the point where it has some notable wear, you'll likely have the same debate that many homeowners do: should you spend a little bit of money to repair a roof to get some more years out of it, or spend more and replace the roof and install brand new roofing material? One method is not always better than the other, with each situation having its own advantages. Here are two things you should consider when making a decision on your house:

The Roof's Age

Start by looking at the type of material you have on the roof and how old it is. You likely have a roof made out of asphalt, wood, or metal, which are very common for residential homes. Asphalt shingles will get anywhere between 15 to 25 years before replacement is finally necessary. Wood shakes have a longer lifespan, lasting between 20 and 40 years. A metal roof will last the longest of these three, with a potential 20 to 60-year lifespan if you take care of the material.

If your roof is at the upper end of the material's lifespan, you may not want to waste money on a repair for roofing material that will be replaced in a few years. Consider replacing all of the shingles at once to have a fresh start.

The Roof's Structural Integrity

You may think that having a single roof leak is enough to justify a new roof, but leaks themselves are a very common problem that you can run into even with a new roof. Consider having a roof inspection performed to find out if there are structural problems. You'll be able to get a professional opinion on the condition of key components of the roof, including parts inside your house like the joists.

If you need to make major repairs to things like the roof deck, roof replacement may be the only option, since roof deck repair will require taking off the existing roofing material. If you don't need repairs to the structure, you can get away with a repair for now.

No matter what option that you pick, consider having a professional roofing contractor help you out with this type of job. They can give you pricing estimates for a roof repair or replacement, which may help guide your decision about what you want to do. Once you select an option, your residential roofing services can move forward with performing the work for you.