Three Benefits Of Installing A New Roof

17 January 2019
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Your roof is arguably the most important exterior surface on your home, as it acts as the primary barrier against various weather conditions while also playing a larger role in the appearance of the outside of your property. Over time, your roof can begin to break down due to the constant weather exposure, which can lead to a variety of problems for your home. Understanding some of the benefits associated with installing a new roof can help make it clear to you why you should consider replacing your roof once you begin to note issues. 

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of installing a new roof is the increased energy efficiency that comes with it. The insulative value of your roof plays a significant role in determining your energy costs. A roof with improper insulation or leaks that allow heat to escape can cause the temperature within your home to change as a result, and your central heating and cooling system to work overtime to make up for it. Replacing your roof can help shave dollars off of your monthly utility bills and ensure an even, comfortable temperature throughout the entirety of the interior of your home.

Pest Control

An often overlooked benefit associated with installing a new roof on your home is that it can help keep pests out of the interior of your house. Your roof is one of the largest exterior surfaces in your home, and has multiple potential entrance ways in the form of attic vents, chimneys and direct paths into the attic if the shingles or roofing panels become damaged. Installing a new roof ensures that you have a durable barrier that can keep bats, squirrels and insects out of your home, where they could potentially do a significant amount of damage.

Curb Appeal

Another thing to note about installing a new roof, especially if you are using high-end roofing materials like slate, metal roofing panels or tile, is that the installation of a new roof can greatly increase the curb appeal and list price of your home. Even traditional asphalt roofs can be a significant boost, as they represent a sizeable investment in your home and come with a long lifespan that ensures that the new homeowners will not have to dedicate time to dealing with roofing leaks and repairs immediately after moving in. This is something to consider if you are thinking about moving within the next few years.

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