What To Know About Removing And Replacing Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles

6 February 2019
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Do you need to make a repair to your roof, but it requires removing the three-tab asphalt shingles on the surface? If so, here is what you need to know about removing those shingles and putting them back onto the roof.

Gather The Tools

You'll need a few tools to remove the asphalt shingles. A flat bar is very handy for getting underneath shingles without causing much damage to them. You'll also need some utility knives as well in case the shingles need to be cut off the surface. One utility knife should have a hook blade to cut the shingles on the top facing side with the granules and a flat blade for cutting along the smooth bottom side. Of course, you will also need a hammer and some new roofing nail.

Identify The Loose Shingles

You likely have some shingles in the area that are not attached to the roof properly. You can identify these shingles by pushing the flat bar underneath the shingles to see if they lift upward at all. These shingles are not properly attached to the shingles below them, which is not good.

Remove The Shingles

The flat bar is key to removing shingles in the problem area. Start by running the flat bar underneath the shingle to lift it up slightly. This should help lift up the nails holding the shingle in place. Then run the flat bar over the top surface of the shingle to remove the nail you just popped up. The shingle should now be easy to remove from the roof.

Replace The Shingles

With the repair to the roof done, you are now ready to replace those asphalt shingles. Slide the shingle back into position by lifting up the row of shingles above it.

You will want to line up the bottom of the shingle with the adjacent shingles in its row. Use four brand-new nails to secure the shingle in place, driving the nails in along the left and right edge of the shingle along the middle. This should be directly above the portion of the shingles that is visible on the roof. Two more nails should go into the shingle approximately ⅓ from the left and right edge, which line up directly above where the three-tab shingles are separated.

If you need help with your shingle roof repair, reach out to a local roofing contractor for assistance.