Repair Or Replace Your Leaky Roof Before These Problems Occur

26 March 2019
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A roof leak is often a major nuisance since spending money on roof repairs is probably the last thing you want to do. However, if you put off having a roof leak fixed, you could end up with an even bigger problem on your hands. Simply catching the drip in a bucket won't do much good to protect your home against water damage. Here are some reasons you don't want to put off having your leaky roof replaced or repaired.

The Insulation Could Be Ruined

If you have batt or blown-in insulation, it can be ruined when it gets wet. The insulation loses its fluffy quality, so it doesn't insulate as well. Plus, mold could grow on the insulation's paper backing and cause a musty odor that wafts through your entire home. Once insulation is wet, it has to be removed and replaced, so your attic is dry again once the leak has been repaired.

The Roof Deck Could Rot

If the leak goes on long enough, the roof deck could rot. Even the wood in the attic could start to rot if it stays damp and can't dry out. When you have a new roof put on, the deck isn't always replaced, especially if it's in good shape. However, when it is rotted due to dampness, then the deck has to be replaced, and that adds to the cost of the new roof.

A Damp Attic Can Attract Bugs

When your attic never has a chance to dry out completely due to wet wood and insulation, bugs might decide to move in. These bugs could harm things you have stored in your attic. Silverfish like to chew on documents and cardboard while carpenter ants like to chew on wet wood. Carpenter ants can do a lot of damage to your home just like termites do. And, if they're in your attic and out of sight, they can be very destructive without you being aware.

Wiring In The Walls Might Be Affected

If the leak in the attic drips just right, the rain can flow between the walls of your home where wiring is found. Water and wiring is not a good combination, and this could lead to electrical problems, or even a fire. Plus, the rain could ruin the drywall or cause mold to grow between the walls, and since the damage is hidden, you wouldn't know it was there.

It's a good practice to go in your attic once in a while to check it for signs of leaking and dampness. That way, you can get repairs early. By the time rain is dripping from the ceiling of your living room, your attic and ceiling could have water damage. No matter when you detect the roof leak, call a residential roofing service and discuss your options. Repairs might fix the problem, but if your roof is old and worn out, it may be time to have a new roof put on.