Bumps In The Attic Keeping You Awake At Night? You Might Have Pesky Pests…And A Major Roofing Problem

17 April 2018
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If you've been hearing noises in your attic at night, you might have some unwelcome animal visitors. Pests use gaps in the roof of your home to enter into the attic. It's a very enticing place for them to nest and raise their young, since it's safe from predators and is insulated from temperatures outside. Unfortunately, pests can also cause extreme damage to your home by chewing through drywall and wood. Read More 

Composite Wood Shakes

6 April 2018
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As far as most homeowners are concerned, redoing their roof is a top priority. That is, many people who own their property would love to have a budget that enables them to install a brand new roofing material. There are so many great benefits to having a new roof that it is often worth such a big financial investment. For instance, updating your roofing material gives you the chance to modernize your style, improve the installation of your roof, repair structural issues within the roof deck, and it can certainly increase the value of your home. Read More 

Slate Vs Ceramic Roofs

25 March 2018
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Are you finally thinking about updating your roofing material? Have you saved up enough money for roof replacement, but just need to decide what material is going to be the most practical for you? In the end, there is no right or wrong material, but some people have very strong opinions about some of the most popular products on the market. Many people value the natural look of stones like slate and terra-cotta. Read More 

Metal And Wood Roofing Differences

17 March 2018
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Upgrading your roof is a smart investment, but you need to make sure you choose a material that is practical for your home style and climate. Most homeowners prefer a product that is going to not only be energy efficient, but is also be easy to take care of. This article compares two the most popular, but very different, materials Metal Roofs Metal roofs have an industrial look, but they can also look great on residential properties if they fit with your home style. Read More 

3 Faqs Regarding Thermoplastic Olefin Roofing

4 March 2018
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If you are considering a new roof for your commercial building, you must consider thermoplastic olefin roofing or TPO for its many benefits. If you are considering a new roofing material, but you aren't sure if TPO is right for your building, check out these three frequently asked questions. What Is TPO Made From? TPO is a special type of rubber called ethylene propylene rubber. In simple turns, it's a rubber made from a mixture of ethylene and propylene. Read More