5 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For The Next Severe Storm

21 March 2017
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It doesn't take long for a severe storm to wreak havoc on the average home. In addition to the physical damage a severe storm can cause, there's also the financial damage to consider. One major insurer reported over $2.4 billion in storm damage claims during 2014 alone. If your home's roof has already survived one severe storm relatively intact, then you'll want it to be ready to tackle the next severe storm. Read More 

Spring Has Sprung! Prevent Roofing Issues With These Maintenance & Inspection Tasks

7 March 2017
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Spring showers are falling from the skies, and May flowers are just around the corner. Though spring may make you feel like lounging on the patio or traipsing through the park, it's worth your while to take an afternoon (or two) and focus on your roof. This vital structure protects your home from the elements, and now is the perfect season to make sure it's still in good shape. Tackle these five roofing inspection and maintenance tasks, and then you can get back to your springtime relaxation. Read More 

How To Remove Snow And Ice From Your Roof

15 February 2017
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There's no doubt that all types of weather may pose challenges to your home's roof. But winter brings its own little set of threats. If you've discovered icicles dangling from your gutters, you probably know this needs to be addressed. Here's what snow and ice can do to your roof and how you can get rid of them both. Why it's Important For the most part, having a little snow on the roof isn't damaging in and of itself. Read More 

4 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Household’s Carbon Footprint

21 December 2016
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Looking for ways to save some money on power costs and reduce your household's carbon footprint? Here are four effective options to consider: Install Metal Roofing There are many ways in which installing metal roofing on your home can help decrease your household's overall carbon footprint. Primarily, metal roofing is typically made up of between 25 and 95 percent recycled material. And if you ever decide to replace the roof in the future, it can be completely recycled. Read More 

How To Maintain And Repair Your Home’s Flat Tar Roof

11 November 2016
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Taking care of your home's flat roof is essential to keeping your home and roof dry and free of moisture problems. Here are instructions to help you maintain and repair a tar-coated flat roof. Clean Your Roof When you have a flat tar roof on your home, it is a good idea to inspect it regularly for any cleaning and repairs that need to be completed. If you have trees around your home, they can drop leaves and other debris onto the roof, which can collect and clog up the scuppers and drains. Read More