Hurricane Roof Damage & Your Business

30 December 2020
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Hurricanes are destructive forces, and you have surely noticed the problems they produce in your area. Businesses and homes in your area may experience extreme roofing issues because of hurricanes. So, what can a hurricane do to your business? These are just a few of the common issues your business may face as a result of extreme weather. Wind Can Pick Up Shingles and Tiles If your business has shingles or tiles, high winds can damage them. Read More 

Three Waterproofing Options For Your Commercial Roof

7 December 2020
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Flat commercial roofs are typically made of a membrane that is waterproofed against leaks. This waterproofing typically needs to be reapplied every few years in order to ensure the longest lifespan of the flat roof. When maintained properly, commercial roofs can last decades before a replacement is needed. Know your waterproofing options so you can make an informed decision when maintaining your roof. 1. Membranes Membranes are the longest lasting option when it comes to waterproofing your roof. Read More 

Points To Discuss With You Commercial Roof Repair Contractor When Your Roof Is Leaking

16 November 2020
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When you notice the roof on your building leaking, call a commercial roof repair contractor as soon as you can and before water damage is done to your building. Prompt repairs could save money you might otherwise have to spend to repair your building and replace inventory. Here are some things to discuss with your roof repair contractor and how repairs might be carried out. Have Your Maintenance Logs Ready Read More 

4 Reasons To Choose Fiber Cement For Your Siding Replacement

16 September 2020
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If it's time for new home siding, you may be wondering if you should keep your vinyl or aluminum siding, or if it's time to upgrade to something better. Fiber cement siding might be a good choice. Fiber cement is a popular type of siding because it is so durable and easy to maintain. Here are four benefits of putting this type of siding on your home. 1. Fiber Cement Protects Your Home From Pests Read More